We just want to show you what we do for whom with words and pictures. Furthermore we want to show you where we are and who we are.

Beside the complete maintenance for single and twin pisotn aircrafts up to 2000 K we repair nearly everything which still can be repaired according to the manufacturer´s specification. For this we issue an EASA-Form-One.

Here some data about us.

1991          Foundation of an Air Charter Taxi company.

1995          Foundation of the Maintenance Workshop Flugzeugservice W. Ader LTB

2002          Maule General Distributor and Service Station for Germany, Austria,

               Switzerland, Benelux, CZ-Republic. 

2002         SMA Sales and Service Station Germany. 

2003         Sennheiser Sales and Service

2006         Maule General Distributor and Service Station for whole Europe.

2006         Start with the production of Powertrikes with paragliders (Paramotor)

              see also Fly Angel

In 2008 we have 5 qualified employees. 

. . .     it is performance that counts...